Parent Communication

Parents are a child’s first and best teacher and they always want the best for their child. As a professional you are a part of their team, helping to educate their children. Parent support for your efforts comes naturally as you support their effort at raising their children. Information and communication are at the heart of this mutual support.

First Informational Meeting

When a new multiage program is started, parents need to be given information about the proposed program: the who, what , where, when, and how along with the why. When my former teaching partner and I initiated the first ongoing multiage program at our elementary school, we did so with the understanding that if we couldn’t get enough initial interest, we wouldn’t be able to implement it. We decided that the best way to gain the trust of interested parents was to hold an evening informational meeting in the spring prior to the beginning of our school’s student placement process. The meeting turned out to be a huge success with standing room only and more students signed up then there was room for! Below are links to copies of the various handouts and other media used at that first meeting.